I'm new to this, so bear with me. Yes, seriously, snarl, eat honey, fuck shit up, and catch a fish with your mouth. Lehgo
  1. I passionately love watching people.
  2. I passionately love carbohydrates
  3. I love insects more than most, so I'm going to make a career out of being a bug nerd
  4. I'm sarcastic as a way of life
  5. I tend to not get along with people that don't understand my humor
  6. But I get along with most people... So maybe I'm capable of making funnies
  7. I've always wanted to milk a cow
  8. And then make butter with my bounty
  9. I have little to no filter on my mouth
  10. And I despise the divisive nature of today's culture and hope we can move past racial divides
  11. Because I love people, no matter where they are from or what they look like
    And I don't like that people might not love me because of that.
  12. I Like Fez
  13. Good day