you asked for it kiddos! so I will deliver. ~awayyyy we goooooo!~
  1. Sorcerers/Philosophers Stone
    IM SORRY; it's just I love Chris Columbus a lot and thought he did a good job directing this one. The colors made me happy and the magic astounded me.
  2. Prisoner of Askaban
    I have FINALLY seen the light, everyone!!! I get why this movie is so good. also, it does so without having voldemort in it, which is WONDERFUL. Sirius and Lupin make me so happy. Also, HERMIONE PUNCHES DRACO. AL S O, T I M E T R A V E L.
  3. Deathly Hallows, P2
    I know there were a lot of differences b/t this and the book, but this was the only HP movie I saw at midnight, and I cried the whole time. Such a good end to such a good series. A lot of nostalgia went into this.
  4. Goblet of Fire
    CEDRIC DIGGORY; MY SON, MY SON. That scene left me emotional. Also it was good. But.........,,,"HARRY POTTER". I cannot get over that inconsistency. But overall still a good film. I love dragons.
  5. Chamber of Secrets
  6. Order of the Phoenix
    ok,,,,regardless of my feelings on this book, I actually enjoyed the movie. not the best one, but good!!!!
  7. Deathly Hallows, P1
    NO,,,,,NO no. they are just IN THE WOODS, the whole TIME. if I wanted that, I would have requested "Into the Woods" by Stephen Sondheim. Also, the locket bit was basically porn and made me uncomfy
  8. Half Blood Prince
    ok,,the cinematography wasn't great. also, THEY WHITEWASHED LAVENDER BROWN WHEN SHE BECAME RELEVANT TO THE PLOT??? W H AT TBE HECK. also Harry on liquid luck seemed to gimmicky. I will of course always watch this film bc it's HP, but I am not the biggest fan of this one.