@lesbian I m so sorry
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    I'm so sorry but Louis is a rat child and his appearance makes me uncomfy. He used to b cute but then something happened that makes me very sad. Also, the boy can't sing I'm so sorry I watched his xfactor audition that wasn't cute.
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    Liam TBH is ok and in the beginning I was like "omg he's the LEADER!! 😍" But idk now he just doesn't do it for me. Also he has done problematic stuff that makes me sad.
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    My sweet blonde baby angel. I loved him with the chipped tooth, and I love him with his perfect beauty teeth. He's a lil Irishman that never wants to hurt a fly. He ranks so low bc he can sometimes be put under the category of "big baby".
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    Lemme tell u, Zayn could get some. This boy is a dreamboat and had to deal w so much crap from fans that is overall v upsetting. However he ranks #2 bc be left one direction. v sad.
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    LEMME TELL U ABOUT THIS BOY. He has been my fav since the beginning and has only gotten better since then. His tats r dreamy and this boy can SING. 100000000/10 would recommend