Everyone loves Pixar. But is everyone as opinionated as me about which movies are the best? Probably not.
  1. Inside Out
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    This movie is INCREDIBLE. It provides insights on mental illness and coming of age. I cried the most while watching this movie than any other Pixar movies so I'd say that makes it the best.
  2. WALL-E
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    Ok, can we talk about the fact that for a good portion of the movie, there is ZERO dialogue, yet this is still one of the most profound, meaningful love stories of our age. AND ITS WITH FREAKIN' ROBOTS. Not to mention the overwhelming themes of environmental conservation, and big businesses taking over the planet. GREAT FUN FILM FOR EVERYONE.
  3. Toy Story 3
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  4. The Incredibles
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    What a GREAT superhero movie. And Mrs. Incredible and Violet? Wonderful female role models that didn't depend on men. The second movie needs to come out already. I can't wait until 2019.
  5. Monsters, Inc.
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    This movie is SO CUTE and also SO WELL DONE. Mike is a character we can all laugh with/at (and in my case, relate to on a personal level). Boo is a little sweetheart and Sully is just a giant fluffy teddy bear.
  6. Toy Story
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    HERES WHAT STARTED IT ALL, KIDDOS. This movie was a technological feat of its time. 3D animation of this caliber in 1995? INSANE. Not to mention the wonderful story. And no, I'm not biased just because my name is Andy.
  7. Up
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    I'm sure many of you are wondering why this movie isn't higher on the list. It did make me cry, yes, and overall it's a wonderful film. But the lack of females represented on screen really gets to me in a negative way. Still a GREAT Pixar movie. Classic.
  8. Toy Story 2
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    Even though it's at the bottom of the Toy Story movies, this movie is still WONDERFUL. I love Jessie, and her backstory kills me every time. Also the scene where Woody gets all fixed and polished is just so SATISFYING to watch.
  9. Monsters University
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    This movie is so wonderful, and the backstories of all of the characters was really interesting to watch. However, parts of the movie seemed like they were just there, without substance to them. I do feel like the themes of this movie are great though, for all ages.
  10. Finding Nemo
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    This is a CLASSIC Pixar movie. I love it with all my heart, and can quote so much of it. P. Scherrman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney is an address I will never forget. However, I just think that all of the other films higher on the list were simply better overall. No shade.
  11. The Good Dinosaur
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    This movie is SO CUTE. That's all I gotta say.
  12. Brave
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    I love this movie. It's a fun family film that portrays the wonderful bond between a mother and daughter. However, I wish they did MORE with this movie. At the end, I felt like it was lacking some sort of meaningful plot. I wasn't attached to any of the characters as I have been in past Pixar films.
  13. Ratatouille
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    Okay, here is where we get to the movies I'm not the biggest fan of. This movie is great and all, but a Rat in a restaurant? I'm sorry but that must be breaking SO MANY health code violations. I know France is different from the US, but still, ew.
  14. Cars
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    This is a movie about cars that talk. Also there's a lot of country music in it. Cute themes and plots, but not my cup of tea.
  15. A Bug's Life
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    I feel as though this is the Pixar film everyone forgets about. And rightfully so, because this film is honestly not that great. It's from Pixar's early days, when they were still figuring out how these crazy 3D graphics work, and as a result from trying so hard on the animation, the plot fell to the wayside. The only saving grace is that wonderful fat caterpillar that turns into a beautiful butterfly. He's one crazy dude.
  16. Cars 2
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    This film is a disgrace to Pixar and to cinema in general. I almost didn't even put in on this list, but then I realized I need to let the world know how much I hate this god awful movie.