it's still winter break for me. and my attention span is about .5 seconds (thx Internet), so I have to find ways to keep myself busy/not bored. HERE U GO!!!
  1. watch videos on YouTube
    they're fun and dumb and make me smile/laugh/MAYBE EVEN THINK!!
  2. go on tumblr
    I'm a millennial! it's what I do! sue me!
  3. take buzzfeed quizzes
    see description of the above bullet point
  4. knit
    I am an OLD LADY
  5. color
    before u tell me "omg Andy,,,,,I can't believe YOU got on the adult coloring dude", I will have u know *puts on hipster glasses* IVE BEEN COLORIN FOR A V LONG TIME OK?? ITS RELAXING AND MAKES ME FEEL CUTE
  6. read
    no one does this anymore??? reading is so great??
  7. take pictures on my DSLR
    I'd like to think I'm good at taking pictures bUT u can be the judge of that at some point
  8. plan things???
    idk I'm very type a so if I have free time I will literally plan out an entire semester, no joke