1. ☑️nose stud
    left nostril
  2. ☑️double helix
    upper right ear
  3. ☑️second piercing
    lower left ear
  4. ☑️nipple piercings
    both, bars
  5. ☑️benzene-bee tattoo
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    underboob/front ribs/sternum
  6. ☑️tight nose ring
    left nostril, behind stud
  7. ☑️single helix piercing
    mid-left ear
  8. third piercing
    lower left ear (betw bottom lobe and second)
  9. second piercing
    lower right ear
  10. carbon atom tattoo
    small, centered around freckle on inner right wrist
  11. similar to this: change around food items for bitter(currently radish), savory(currently oyster mushroom), & consider more crystalline salt structure
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    left arm sleeve
  12. Ring of honeybees
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  13. veggies?
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  14. leo constellation
    on my back somewhere? natural tones (fake freckles?) possibly also get outline of the lion as well