1. slept in until 8 (that's late for me) and the sun was pouring thru my windows & it was v relaxing
  2. took a rlly nice shower!
    showers are such a "between space" it's amazing how they can reset ur head
  3. it is so cold
    it's a rlly nice cold tho like the frigidity keeps me Alert & the sting on my cheeks keeps me smiling
  4. "Fantasy" -Mariah Carey
    people's market was playing it this morning! such a perfect morning jam... & I got my coffee with almond milk & honey and whole wheat bagel w/ veggie cream cheese. güd shit.
  5. multivariate professor
    talked for a little bit after class abt our room being moved-- kinda sad it was moved to the ILC even tho it's a nicer building I really love goessman, it's a creepy ugly troll cave but I love to be an engineering troll so