1. that's dreamy and creamy
  2. that's a hot frisbee of fun
  3. that's falafelistic
  4. can't knock the wurst!
  5. those are the culinary buoys in the shipyard of Flavortown
  6. that's a lean, mean pinto bean
  7. talk about the meanie panini
  8. this is like the food Mardi Gras right here
  9. I just want to smear this all over me
  10. brother, that's beyond working for me
  11. that's a Mack Daddy patty
  12. this is some legit food
  13. that's some money hash
  14. this is a flavor temple
  15. that's a winner-winner chicken dinner right there
  16. that'll make you "challah"
  17. I don't know if it's the Philharmonic or Metallica... but that right there jams
  18. that's slamma jamma in Alabama
  19. the flavor jets just turned on. they're trying to shut down the flavor fire I've got going on in my mouth.
  20. the crust is just bomb-dot-com flaky
  21. it's like talking in the middle of an opera... can't you hear it singing?
  22. that's the real deal
  23. monster flavor
  24. that would be good out of a shoe
  25. we're taking this train to Flavortown