1. the color yellow
    specifically the yellow-gold butternut squash color that I wear a lot but also every other yellow
  2. fall!!
    it's so crisp and refreshing and the leaves are on fire with colors and it feels a lil like magic
  3. the coffeeshop vibe
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    someone forgot about their iced chai latte so every few minutes the barista would call out "iced chai on the bar!" it was rythmic like a heartbeat
  4. coffee with almond milk
    I'm not lactose intolerant I just think almond milk adds "depth of flavor" I like adding cinnamon sometimes too. for complexity.
  5. the phrase "depth of flavor"
    I say this a lot bc good food is v important to me and I like appreciating the multiple varying tones and intricacies of flavor it's p cool food is art
  6. bright vivid colors
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    bright pink walls and turquoise floors. the accent of her shoes match the floor. the cabinet is pink.
  7. how people experience color differently
    it's all chemicals and light waves etc. but she says the chair is gold and I say it's green/chartreuse... I guess it's a little bit of both and also neither
  8. aquaponic balcony gardens
    I found a science magazine article abt how to build ur own!! I can't wait to make one
  9. the future
    I want a big Shepard dog and an aquaponic balcony garden and my own beehive. I want the city beneath me.
  10. New England cemeteries in the fall
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    "comfortably creepy" I have a Spotify playlist called that
  11. Apple pastries
    I saw a very tiny girl stack 14 in her bag, I only took 3 and now I regret it-- she had the right idea
  12. the Sea Organ in Croatia
    it sounds so pretty I want to visit it
  13. the satisfying feeling when you finally get ur overgrown ducktail buzzed off
    no more constantly fiddling with the obnoxious mini-mullet on the back of ur neck!!
  14. believing in myself!
    just makes me happy u kno
  15. when ur sleeping with ur lover and they have long hair and it gets caught up in ur face and it's kinda hot and hard to breathe but it smells so much like them and ur kinda suffocating but like in a rlly nice cozy way
    like when u sit in a really soft couch and it pulls u in just a little too far so ur enveloped by couch and it's hard to get up but its so comfy it doesn't matter