1. only sign to correspond to a Star not a planet
    literally the entire solar system revolves around us
  2. Great Hair
  3. compatible with almost every other sign
    watch out for scorpios tho
  4. loving, caring, & fiercely protective friends will do everything they can for you
    big and warm personalities they'll always make you feel loved and safe
  5. passionate lovers😏
  6. very sensitive backs
    probably some back pain, love getting back rubs
  7. Confident
    although often more humble/insecure than they present, their confidence and self love is infectious!
  8. exciting and fun
    hanging out with them is never boring
  9. tenacious and hardworking, literally will never give up on what they believe or people they love
    sometimes this can be a downfall
  10. motivated by their love for other people and themselves, believe the best of people, and want to make the world a better place!
  11. super intense
    about everything. they're just always like that.
  12. dignified, regal, and often intimidating from far away-- but they're some of the silliest and kindest people around when you get to know them
  13. Powerful
    there's a reason Leos are associated with the Lion... their fierce and protective nature is spine-chilling and their rage is Hot and Uncontrollable. They have their own personal moral code and will Go After anyone who hurts someone close to them.