Care Package Wishlist

This is for if/when I or anyone who shares my interests needs a little TLC. And stuff. Includes all obvious items and some good commentary on each.
  1. Cinnamon rolls
    Or any other comfort food. This can be candy, junk food, etc., but I'm going to suggest a warm baked good like a cinnamon roll because it will make you feel like it was made with love especially for you.
  2. The movie Willow
    A fantasy movie with a good storyline and a great cast (Val Kilmer, Warwick Davis) is essential for recuperation of any kind. I honestly don't think you should stray from my suggestion here, but there are some other great fantasy films out there like Labyrinth or Legend that will also do the trick.
  3. A sturdy cardigan
    This is clearly best for the colder seasons but if you want you can just turn the AC way up and pretend it's snowing. Buttons or drape style are both acceptable.
  4. A comfy couch/chair/sleeping bag/hammock
    We all need a place to be cozy. A window seat is also cool if you have one.
  5. Reading material that doesn't try to simultaneously promote self love and consumerism.