Or TV lullabies, because I'm a weird baby woman
  1. Me and You and Everyone We Know
    I love Miranda July's soothing narration at the beginning of this movie. Overall the movie is very relaxing and thoughtful and pleasant, even at its painful parts. A lot of the content could be disturbing if the humor wasn't so natural. The plot features a lot of interrelated stories between the characters that are well balanced. Plus the sunny LA setting makes me feel calm.
  2. The Dish and the Spoon
    Greta Gerwig is such a gem. Her relationship w/Ollie Alexander's character in this movie is such a tender friendship. Even though some of the scenes get kind of intense and most of it takes place during the day I really can't imagine watching this movie any time but before bed.
  3. Sidewalls
    This one is actually kind of depressing but it's also redemptive and wonderful. The two part narration and Tumblr-friendly shots of Buenos Aires are really nice. Ironically, much of the movie features the main characters' struggles w/insomnia.