My Twin Peaks/The X-Files crossover theory

Assuming that The X-Files picked up where Twin Peaks left off because there are already multiple overlaps.
  1. Mulder and Denise
    Denise (formerly Dennis) was such a great bureau agent that she returned as Fox Mulder. Maybe Mulder's memories of Samantha, his missing sister, were actually somehow memories of Denise?
  2. Maj. Garland Briggs and Captain William Scully
    They were both men in uniform w/cosmic powers. I'm convinced that when Twin Peaks ended Briggs somehow willed himself into The X-Files universe WHICH makes Dana and Bobby cross-dimensional brother and sister. (They both had rebellious sides so this is pretty solid, IMO.)
  3. Bob's first X-Files form: Luther Lee Boggs.
    Yo-this dude was SCARY. He was a psychic serial killer who knew everything about Scully's dad! OBVIOUSLY Bob followed Captain Scully into the X-Files realm through Boggs. He may have died at the end of this episode but Bob/the spirit of evil lived on in the more insidious X-Files villains (dare I say-the Cigarette Smoking Man?)
  4. Deputy Hawk and Sheriff Charles Tskany
    Both good policemen who had to deal w/some scary supernatural shit. Are they twins? Are they the same person? Idk.
  5. Coffee
    Dale Cooper loves coffee. Dana Scully's childhood nickname was STARBU-okay I'm reaching w/this one.
  6. Endnote: I apologize if there's similarities here to any other articles/listicles out there. I tried looking for some other theories about this (plenty on Reddit btw) because I know I can't be the only one to have made these connections.