1. Halloween
    I didn't invent the holiday but I made a shit ton of goody bags for the kids in my neighborhood and I did my friend's makeup for his costume (The Babadook) and I made an EPIC Halloween playlist & watchlist and I bought ghost cookies from my local bakery for my family and friends and I held the gathering for our pre and post trip to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show so yeah.
  2. The jacket in this picture
    You can't see it but I just cut some big sweatshirts down the middle and seamed them.
  3. This lil collage for my friend's birthday
    She thinks eating ice cream in a freezer is a good idea. I disagree but it's her vision, so whatevs.
  4. A poster for the Gender Matters Symposium at my university
    Once again you can't see it but it features multiple female characters from horror films.
  5. Static
    My name on the program!
  6. This pennant for work
    Perhaps it appears shitty but it initially looked like this
  7. Static
    I'm not good w/arts and crafts.