This Morning

  1. My 10:00 AM class was cancelled
    The professor emailed the class last night but I missed it. Me and the five other students who showed up laugh and leave. To think I could've slept in and watched The Martian with my dad...
  2. I resolve to go to Target because I don't have work until 12:30
    I have $17 on me and I'm gonna treat myself to something.
  3. Target is cool cause it's Monday morning
    Nobody's here but me and some moms.
  4. I browse the clothes, makeup, and electronics sections
    At this point I decide to buy a tinted lip balm and a magazine.
  5. The lip balm: Babylips in Cherry...something
    A little uncharacteristic for me as I'm no longer in junior high, but I really want it to be spring already so I decide to usher in my youthful, bright self w/some lame girly products.
  6. The magazine: Allure February 2016
    The Clean Issue w/Demi Lovato & Spring's Prettiest Hair Ever
  7. When I go to checkout I notice there's some mentally challenged kids on a field trip
    I overhear one of them mention The X Files, which is cool. New episode tonight!!!
  8. Back in the car
    I move my car near McDonalds after trying on my lip balm. I am immediately reminded of the sensation of applying Lip Smackers.
  9. Enter McD's
    I order a small coke and two hash browns.
  10. I sit at a booth across from the TV, which is playing Fox News.
  11. I eat and read
    The meal is simple but enjoyable. The magazine feels tired but I enjoy reading about the new trends (that probably aren't that new).