My son makes up games. Constantly. The general premise of all of them is destruction and/or pain on a friend, object, or his little sister.
  1. Bash and Hash -
    Just like it sounds. Smashing the shit out of something. Usually his sister.
  2. Michigan Birdhouse -
    Forcing his toy bath ducks into plastic cups and whipping the cup at the wall of the tub as hard as possible. Don't know where the "Michigan" comes from. Do they do this in Michigan?
  3. You're PayPay -
    Although I've never found out what PayPay means when he says, "Dada you're PayPay," if I respond by saying, "No, you're PayPay," he becomes furious and near tears. It must be horrible to be PayPay.
  4. Shark and Dolphin -
    He's always the shark and his friends (or sister) is the dolphin. You can see how this game ends up.