As a surfer who would be best described as "competent in ability," my list will be far less bold than the one Kelly Slater might post here. No Pipelines or Mavericks on this guys list.
  1. White Fences North County, San Diego, CA - Hike down from Beacons, walk north until you see a house on the hill with two white fences (duh). This reef break has few crowds, mellow vibe, consistent wave.
  2. Old Mans in San Onofre, CA - Appropriately named since the place is filled with overweight old guys on 10 foot logs taking every wave deep outside. If you can tolerate these Parrotheads who run show at SO, the waves are fun and forgiving - plus it's located at a great campground. Oh, and I'm kind of an old man myself.
  3. Short Sands at Oswald State Park, OR - Hoods, booties, thick wetties. If you don't mind the ritual of slipping into a head-to-toe suit of neoprene, then you'll love this place. Surfing in OR takes motivation. Hike through old growth forest to a beautiful cove to find good surf, plenty of Portlanders, a few hippies and a lot of dog shit in the sand.
  4. Velzyland, Oahu, HI - Ahhh, Hawaii. Yeah, I know this reef break gets huge in winter, but in late spring, it can be super fun (i.e. small). Plus, trunks and bikinis and you're good. Just watch out for the hulking, heavily inked Hawaiian (always at Velzyland) who will hit on your wife in the water, on the beach, and again in town.
  5. 30th Street, Avalon, NJ - Yep, I said it. Jersey baby! Summer in Avalon is like 3 months of spring break. This is where I learned to surf. And to drink beer. And to vomit on the sand. And to make out with girls. It's paradise if you're 18 - or even 40ish because I went back recently and well damn it, I had a great time.