Inspired by @bwlange
  1. Am eating healthy.
    I wish it wasn't true but I truly feel more rested, clearer of mind and just overall better when I'm eating clean.
  2. Take a bubble bath.
    Fixes most things.
  3. Pet my dog.
    He's like therapy, for free. We both benefit too.
  4. Have music on, specifically worship music.
  5. Thinking positively!
    So important and changes the course of my day.
  6. Have a bottle of water or other drink with me.
    I am never without. It's a weird obsession/OCD trait.
  7. Am in the same room as my husband.
    We don't have to be cuddling or even doing the same activity. I just love being in the same area and enjoying his presence. I love him.
  8. Talk to my mom on the phone
    25 years old and proud mamas girl.