I love podcasts and I've been a pretty avid podcast listener for as long as I remember. I used to download them on my iPod Classic in middle/high school and listen while I got ready in the morning. I got back into them after a long hiatus when Serial season 1 came out (like everyone else). Here are my favorites!
  1. This American Life
    The absolute holy grail of podcasts. You will laugh, you will cry, you will learn so much. A weekly must listen.
  2. Serial
    If you still have never listened to Serial I have no idea how you managed to avoid it for this long and I'm honestly impressed.
  3. Limetown
    My first ever fiction podcast. Described as Serial meets The X Files. Insanely addicting. The finale will knock your socks off.
  4. Dear Sugar Radio
    I'm kind of sort of really obsessed with Cheryl Strayed and any/everything she does; this podcast is obviously no exception. Cheryl and Steve Almond answer hard hitting questions in an advice podcast modeled after the Dear Sugar advice column. Always thought provoking, interesting, and beautiful.
  5. WTF with Marc Maron
    The best interview podcast out there.
  6. 99% Invisible
    This podcast manages to blow my mind every. single. time. I learn SO much from this show, which delves all of the day to day things in life that fade into the background/that you don't really think about.
  7. The Moth
    Beautiful storytelling. I would love to go to a Moth live show! One of the first podcasts I ever listened to.
  8. Awesome Etiquette
    Emily Post's great grandchildren, Lizzie and Dan, answer reader submitted etiquette questions. Such a fun, lighthearted listen, while also being really informative! I love Lizzie and Dan's dynamic.
  9. Song Exploder
    Each episode, an artist/band explains step by step how their songs were made and then play the full song once it's all said and done. Super interesting!
  10. Hey Frase
    For old school listeners of The Kane Show in the DC area. Sarah and Samy started their own podcast and it's absolutely hysterical. One of my recent favorites.