I would consider myself a lite minimalist. I don't like clutter and I love throwing things away. These are the exceptions to this rule, and are things that I can justify having in mass quantities.
  1. Stationery
    Particularly monogrammed. Thick paper. Beautiful design. I could have a bazillion sets of stationery and still never have enough!
  2. Books
    No such thing as too many books. I cannot wait to have copious beautiful bookshelves as an adult to house all of my babies.
  3. Pens
    What is more beautiful on a desk than a cup filled with your favorite pens?
  4. Little bottles of hand sanitizer
    In your bag. In your car. In your desk. In your travel duffel. Under your sink. In your makeup bag. There are 1,000 places to put these little bottles and I really can justify having a bunch of them!
  5. Underwear
    Has anyone ever said that they have too much underwear? Ever?
  6. Pictures
    Printed pictures are the best. They may be going out of style but I love having them in random piles in random boxes so I can look through them at random times. Going through digital pictures is not the same.
  7. Voicemails
    I am a compulsive voicemail saver and my voicemail box is ALWAYS 90% full.
  8. Blue and white objects
    All blue and white everything all the time, please. It is my all time favorite color combination and I will never ever get sick of it. There is no limit to the amount of blue and white items I wish to own.