1. How tired you are
    Everyone is tired
  2. How busy you are
    Everyone is busy
  3. How you actually are when someone asks how you are in passing
    The only acceptable answers to the quick "how are you?" are good/well/fine/ok.
  4. Your weird crazy dream
    People only care about their own dreams. I am guilty of this.
  5. How long it's been since you last had McDonald's
    People LOVE to brag about this if it's been a while. No one cares.
  6. Incessant pictures/videos of your pet
    No one cares about your dog as much as you do. This is coming from someone who loves dogs.
  7. Your Odyssey Online article
  8. Making a big deal about how you haven't eaten yet today
  9. Anything you are trying to sell to your friends on Facebook
  10. How many times you've read Harry Potter/Hunger Games/ any popular book series
    Beautiful suggestion from @celestialray