(not to be confused with consistent passions aka art and video games)
  1. fiber arts
    this is my current interest and i've already added three books on it to my amazon wishlist
  2. plants
    specifically herbal plants and their effects on people
  3. paper-cutting
    from my childhood of paper mario
  4. cooking
    still a very present one but i was interested in what food combos worked together best, when to add certain spices, etcetera
  5. iceland
    i know some icelandic but this was a special interest for a solid year
  6. seashells
    my great grandmother collected them and so i became interested in them too
  7. french baking
    i had a macaroon for the first time at 14-years-old and i was determined to master them
  8. mushrooms
    kind of similar to the plants one but more specific
  9. harvest moon
    i wrote a 50+ page document accounting for every single facet of harvest moon: more friends of mineral town than anyone would need to know