Just getting mail will be such a treat; I love mail! But here are some ideas of things I'd absolutely AD💝RE. (This list is meant to be helpful not prescriptive. The 2 lists I've published aren't terribly enlightening.)
  1. Pens or markers
  2. Cool magnets
  3. Something handmade
  4. Mini badges/buttons (the 1 inchers)
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  5. Postcards--photography, typography, and unusual are my favorite kinds
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  6. Stickers--I always need more alphabet/letter stickers!
  7. Grammar or punctuation-themed things
  8. Unique greeting cards
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    I live in a unique greeting card wasteland. I love clever, ironic, endearing cards. If they're letterpress, even better. Some brands I love: Elum, Hello!Lucky, Smudge Ink, Snow and Graham, and Greenwich Letterpress.