Not an exhaustive list.
  1. Honestly this list could almost just end here because your life and the beauty it creates inside you is so deeply ingrained in my mind. #1 superfan.
  2. You're my personal heroine.
  3. See above.
  4. Kween.
  5. I feel like you would be my best friend.
  6. The poetry. I can't.
  7. I just have so much respect for you.
  8. Loving human I wish I knew in person.
  9. You inspire me with your determination in the face of the world's suckage.
  10. You seem like such a cool human and I want to follow you around everywhere.
  11. @blisssara
    You are lovely and giving and utterly beautiful.
  12. Yeah you're just fantastic.
  13. Last but only because 13 is a place of honor in my book. You are fearless in a way I don't even want to be, but I love watching you brave the world.