Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Tall. Like Rock Hudson tall, aka Chris Hemsworth tall.
    I'm 5'10" and I want to feel short for once in my life.
  2. Deep voice with English accent. Also can be Scottish, Australian, Transatlantic....or DiCaprian or Mikkelsenese.
    I just love the way Leo and Mads speak.
  3. Singing well and/or some kind of musical ability is not a must, but it's just shy of being one.
    It's just the sexiest thing on earth. Some kind of artistic skill--painting, drawing, writing, etc.--is very acceptable instead. Bonus points for some combination of two or more.
  4. Good teeth.
    John Krasinski teeth would be ideal.
  5. Somehow meshes with my weird goofed-up personality that laughs a lot but loves sad things.
    If a movie doesn't make me deeply melancholy at least once, chances are it's not one of my favorites.
  6. Not super skinny, or I'd hate myself for every moment of our life.
    I don't want to look back on every memory wishing I hadn't eaten that week.
  7. Decent grammar.
    So I'm a snob, bite me; I'm an English major.
  8. Is okay with debates over things that don't actually amount to a hill of beans.
    This will probably spring up on a daily basis, especially in reference to pop culture, i.e. "I liked Avatar because of the story." "I really don't think you do, I really think you like it because it's pretty." "No. It's because of the story." "Well, I'd rather just watch Pocahontas." "Avatar isn't like Pocahontas--" "Avatar is EXACTLY like Pocahontas, just with blue people!" ---4 years later--- "You're right..I do like it because it's pretty." *Bows in triumph.*
  9. Is okay with the fact that I'm the most inexperienced yet slutty-minded girl on earth.
    My mind goes to some inappropro places, but my body's never gone so far as a Kiss.
  10. Dark, thick hair.
    Bonus points for slightly curled texture.
  11. Doesn't judge my extremely Southern family too harshly.
    Only I'm allowed to do that.
  12. Gives me book/movie recs and takes mine--and actually reads/watches them.
    And keeps me accountable so we can discuss them.
  13. Loves dark chocolate but doesn't like white chocolate.
    I don't like dark chocolate but love white chocolate, so we'd even out. (Like a tastier version of the Olive Theory from How I Met Your Mother.)