1. A stranger's Li.st about their life can directly affect my mood and anxieties and terror about my own life.
    This is too relevant to my own life. Oh no.
  2. Self-centered concern.
    Am *I* doing the right thing in *my* life?
  3. Hypothesizing.
    How can I make this better?
  4. Desperately grasping at straws.
    Should I just alter course now before it gets any worse?
  5. Rationalizing.
    All things must end, but that doesn't mean you should let go of everything you love merely out of fear.
  6. Yellow frickin fear.
    But shouldn't you let go if holding on is selfish?
  7. Doubt.
    Katherine. Statistically you already know how this will end. You KNOW.
  8. Concession.
    I do know. But I don't want to leave an even worse legacy of pain than the one I'm already mathematically destined to leave...
  9. Bargaining.
    You have an English degree—you've never even liked math. Why are you letting the odds worry you so?
  10. Minimize damage.
    Because it's going to be pretty damn unbearable as it is, and I can only assume the father along I climb the worse it will be when I finally do reach the cliff and jump from it.
  11. Insecurity.
    You second-guess every single dumb decision you make. Every. single. one. Can't you just let this play out and see what happens?
  12. Giphy
    Life is too hard to live when you're this apprehensive about every decision you make.