1. Inspired by the new GIF storm, I decided to bust this out of my drafts and tweak it a bit.
  2. I'm not saying all other social media is lacking
  3. (I mean of course I am, just not solely for this exact reason)
  4. But in my opinion,
  5. A little picture is never going to reveal the true depths of *your* particular emotions the way your own words will.
  6. Sharing this miniature movie of Jess' struggle won't do anything to actually explain the specific reasons, layers, and complex emotional responses needed to convey something more than just surface-level whining.
  7. And I think that's what ListApp has been for me, a place where I feel safe to share things I fear would be judged harshly elsewhere. And that's how I intend to keep using it.
  8. I am in no way knocking the new feature,
  9. I'm just sharing my personal view on the matter,
  10. Because inflicting my opinions on you all is what I do.
  11. In conclusion:
  12. There is a singular quality of stabbing honesty and enchantment about words that no amount of trendy high-tech imagery could ever equal.
  13. But I still love ListApp just as much as ever,
  14. And if this helps even a single person express themself more fully--
  15. Which it clearly does--
  16. Then I am thrilled for those persons.
  17. 💜💜💜