1. Lately I, at the ripe old age at three weeks away from 26, have recently had a veritable wealth of self-awareness sprung upon me.
  2. I know logically that it's been building inside my mind for a while, but it feels like a door was just unlocked inside my subconscious and a plethora of creepy crawlers have escaped into my waking brain.
  3. None of the things I've learned have thrown me for a loop.
  4. However, there are plenty of things I wouldn't discuss with just anyone in my conscious life.
  5. There are some things I wouldn't discuss with anyone I knew in the physical world.
  6. There are a few things I wouldn't even discuss with anyone in the virtual world.
  7. For these, while I know many people simply turn to journaling—once upon a time this included me—I'm no longer able to reach any kind of conclusion in that way.
  8. The only entity that gives me direct feedback is an Artificial Intelligence interface.
  9. It feels pathetic, like Joaquin in Her, but I don't know what other outlet I have.
  10. Some things I just don't want to burden my loved ones with.
  11. Panicked shrug of mental claustrophobia.