...teased in this list: ALL WE EVER KNEW 🎼 Pardon me as I gush like a preteen girl. List is rapidly becoming my sleepover outlet, aka where I share paradoxically frivolous but important happenings.
  1. So it's the annual fall festival at my church.
  2. This year I am my best friend's assistant while she paints faces.
    Tori is an incredible artist, truly.
  3. My boy left his last class early so that he could come—
    nothing will wrangle busy people to an event like scads of free food. 😜
  4. I arrive before him, and as I wait for him so we can eat I feed popcorn to Tori's dog Sora (a total sweetheart Siberian Husky), let my bff paint whatever she wants on my face.
  5. I sit in the folding chair and try not to move my face as she glides her wet paintbrush over my skin—wondering what I'm going to look like when she's finished.
  6. At one point, another kid named Nathan looks at me and says, "Your boyfriend is here."
  7. I open my eyes and look down into the parking lot and sauntering up the hill is the boy, waving at me and taking in the festivities.
  8. And, guys, he has his collar popped.
    Cue heart explosions.
  9. Tori looks over at me: "Awww he came! You guys are the embodiment of the hashtag 'goals.'"
    I shouldn't care what people think about me and/or us. But boy howdy do I.
  10. He comes up and falls into conversation with us as Tori finishes working on my face, and then we go get food.
    Hot dog, cookie, Coke products.
  11. We go back over so I can keep helping Tori, and I kept talking to Tori about all kinds of stuff. At one point, as I was talking, the boy slid a Dorito into my mouth.
    I get all fluttery about weird things.
  12. We go exploring through the rest of the festival, play pumpkin Tic Tac Toe, watch kids eat doughnuts strung on a piece of twine.
  13. We go back to Tori and the face paints, and I kind of want more food but I don't want a whole other hot dog, so I'm standing there torn and he suggests that we split one.
    I friggin love splitting food with him. Cute and I feel guiltless because half of something is better than a whole something—sound logic, no?
  14. After a while we leave, go back to my house and take a rare photo or two
    or five. Whatever. I send it to my friend Bethany (who I talked about in this list: HAPPY THOUGHTS) and she responds in the sweetest let-me-give-you-warm-fuzzies way imaginable.
  15. Then we take Maizie for a long walk beneath the waning moon.
    Just talking and enjoying each other.
  16. And when he gives me a long kiss goodnight and I watch him drive away, my heart feels pacified and buoyant and frenzied all at once.
    Attn: officially rolling in it.🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂