1. I've decided to stop writing poetry,
  2. (Not that my words will be missed),
  3. You see, every time I set out to form lines
  4. I discover my point goes amiss.
  5. It's not that I have no opinions—
  6. I have cloaked depths I long to convey—
  7. But each time that I start to inscribe what I feel
  8. I'm scared off by the wonder of "they."
  9. This "they" can inspire,
  10. Challenge, remake, and cheer,
  11. With words of a worthier life,
  12. While the letters I press
  13. And the words I create
  14. Are bogged down by mankind's common strifes.
  15. From this day forth
  16. I endeavor to stop
  17. Seeking phrases within my own head;
  18. The challenge I pose is to stop WRITING poetry,
  19. And to start LIVING poetry instead.