October 1st. The day fall finally begins in earnest for me. This year I made doubly sure to celebrate it whole heartedly.
  1. I awoke at 3:15AM. Complete accident, but it turned out to be profitable as it provided plenty of time to execute my scheme.
  2. I loaded my car down with the necessary goodies, and set out from my house at 7am.
  3. My first stop: Panera Bread. Time to purchase a baker's dozen (13!!!) of my favorite bagel.
    Pink Ribbon bagel, available only during the month of October: cherry and vanilla chips baked into a lovely Breast Cancer Awareness pink ribbon-shaped bagel.
  4. Then came the fun part.
  5. I drove to the sleeping boy's apartment and snuck in, bringing my supplies with me.
  6. Keeping as silent as possible, I wrapped a purple streamer around his doorknob for him to follow...
  7. Draped it over the laundry closet doors...
  8. Strung it up the hallway toward the living room...
  9. Wrapped it around the corner...
  10. Trailed it over to the porch door...
  11. Out the porch door...
  12. And onto the porch, where I left a card and a surprise for him to find.
  13. A (n incorrect) post-it note to explain why I gave him this particular bagel.
    Again, the bagels are cherry and vanilla chips, not cranberry and white chocolate. Oops. Still scrumptious.
  14. A seasonal candle that smells fantastic for his bedroom.
    Taunting him a wee bit because my co-worker told me she had heard on the radio that pumpkin is a natural aphrodisiac for men. Which I haven't told him until he reads this. 😘 PS: Sorry for the infinite torture precious.
  15. Inside the envelope was a purple book of matches for the candle...
  16. Along with a very poorly-written invitation to a surprise, date tbd by him.
    See? I'm totally flexible. 😉 Reads: Dearest Logan, Will you please accompany me for a festive film and food celebration? You may select the date: Friday, October 7th or Saturday, October 8th. Please R.S.V.P. as soon as possible. Love always, Katherine
  17. The end.
    Huzzah for October.