This is what I am according to my zodiac. Inspired by @kate81. Sponsored by @BuzzFeed.
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    I am a Virgo.
    September 13.
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    (Unless you're into that New Zodiac thing that we at ListApp collectively vetoed.)
    I talk about that here: LR: 'NEW ZODIAC.' WHAT???.
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    British Hunk for My Valentine: James Bay
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    Who? 😳ops.
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    How I Would Die in Game of Thrones: Burned Alive by Dragons
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    As my Khaleesi commands.
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    Tom Hiddleston Character: Captain Nicolls.
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    Kind of Chips: Kettle Cooked
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    JK Rowling Tweet: In honoring Snape.
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    Even more touching now.
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    Which Animal GIF Will Make Me Laugh:
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    Name of my Future Husband: Dave.
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    POLKA band? Please lord don't do this to me.
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    Celeb Twitter Bio: Ellen DeGeneres.
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    Why isn't there an A+ emoji?
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    Member of the Order of the Phoenix: Nymphadora Tonks.
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    Oh hellz yes!