Inspired by @Charlie_Chester.
  1. Walking into Disney World with your Belle tiara in place while every single Cast Member calls you Princess.
  2. Stretching out on your bed after weeks of sleeping crunched into a bean bag.
  3. Standing on the boat like Jack and Rose while the mist from Niagara Falls hits you and your friends in the face.
  4. Having sunkissed shoulders after a day in warm-not-hot sun.
  5. Realizing you only have 15 minutes left of work/working out.
  6. Your friends running towards you to greet you like you've just spent a year in China even though it was actually only a month.
  7. Taking a nap with the person you love knowing everyone else is the house is doing the same.
  8. The groaning soreness that comes after a good workout.
  9. Stepping out of the shower after a week of backpacking up a Colorado mountain.
    I've NEVER been so disGUSTing in my LIFE.🌄
  10. Being called over by a very kind stranger to shoot the breeze for a bit.
  11. Earning a nickname at your new job that is funny and has a backstory and people actually call you by it.
    Kathleen the Elf.
  12. Holding the sweetest little girl tight for the last time when your workweek at the orphanage is over.
  13. When the blood rushes back into your brain after standing up.
  14. Finally pulling in after an eleven-hour drive to your grandparents' house and walking up the stairs into two gentle hugs
    Meme first, then Pop.
  15. Bantering with your sister's boyfriend.
    Which is great because he's going to be around for always and bantering is a trademark family move. 🙌
  16. Making something you actually like.
    Food, craft, words, doodle...
  17. Stepping into the unknown and it actually going *right*.
  18. Watching your favorite movie of all time with a blanket and some sweet steaming tea.
    It's been too long since this happened...🥀☕️
  19. Seeing a picture of yourself and thinking you look beautiful.
    Rare in my world, but when it happens it's a glorious thing.
  20. Standing on the stage at Carnegie Hall singing Mozart's "Requiem", looking out into the audience and realizing what a once-in-a-lifetime moment you're living.
    I literally cried during the concert. It was transcendent.
  21. Discovering that all your friends were right: waiting so long *did* get you the most perfect first-kiss story. Ever.
  22. Being able to properly convey thoughts you're having when speaking to adults.
  23. Drifting on a noodle floaty in the deep end of the pool and swapping stories with your oldest friends.
  24. Finding a thing that is ~just right~ and at last calling off the search.
  25. Singing along in church where your voice sounds its absolute best.
  26. Walking into the library to turn in one book and pick up a new one.
  27. Stepping outside and feeling that specific unnameable thing in the air that announces fall's arrival.
    The absolute best. 🍂🍁