We're apart until the new year, so I can now officially set this list in stone.
  1. Scrooged!
    Fell asleep curled in his lap, but I was genuinely enjoying Bill Murray duh.
  2. Love Actually
    So much love for this movie. Especially Natalie, with whom I will forever feel a bizarre kinship. WHY I'M ACTUALLY NATALIE FROM LOVE ACTUALLY
  3. The Polar Express
    Absolutely my favorite actually-about-Christmas Christmas movie. TOM HANKSES.
  4. Beauty and the Beast: Enchanted Christmas
    Do you know anything about me? Bonus, he loved that Tim Curry was the voice of the villain.
  5. The Holiday
    The least Christmas-y movie in my Christmas movie list. I friggin love it no matter what you say. Eli Wallach is a rock star.
  6. Muppet Christmas Carol
    This one is honestly just a bunch of cute & fuzzy fun. Plus Michael Cain!
  7. Elf
    I'm not a big Will Ferrell fan (as in there are five films in which he makes an appearance that I enjoy), but this is the film that made me decide he's capable of not being horribly gross all the time. Plus Zooey—whose blonde hair I am forever convinced subdued her normally adorably quirky acting a bit.