1. I haven't heard a single song from Hamilton.
  2. I'll probably never make any of the list requests I have re: the new Beauty and the Beast because drafts is gone.
    Genuinely sad about this one.
  3. I've been planning my wedding for a couple of months now and we're not even close to being engaged.
    I've picked the month, the venue, the dress, the venue, the bridesmaid dress shop, the cake, the favors...and probably more I'm just too lazy to type.
  4. I crave perfect skin but don't have the self control to cut out drinks other than water.
  5. Live action Cinderella>live action Beauty and the Beast
    Have courage and be kind.
  6. I have no idea if I'm more of a dog or a cat person.
    Dogs are PRECIOUS but cats are so much easier.
  7. Sometimes I'm catty when things I've loved for ages suddenly become the "cool thing."
    Rather I'm sometimes *vocally* catty about it.
  8. I haven't read a book in almost three months.
    Stress has been keeping me somewhat low of late. I'm okay, but that's insanely unlike me. I just can't afford to purchase books, and I don't have any recs that are available at the library.
  9. I still haven't watched Cher the final season of Downton Abbey because I just can't bear to see it end without Matthew and Mary together.
  10. It honestly offends me hugely that my boss, whom I love, refuses to believe that my sister and her boyfriend don't have sex.
    Or that my boyfriend and I don't, fur that matter. Self control is possible, if you want it. Everyone has convictions; I don't assume to comprehend yours, you don't presume you comprehend mine.
  11. I like dark hair best.
    Then auburn, then ginger, then blonde, then gray.
  12. Tom Holland >>>>>>> Tobey MacGuire > Andrew Garfield
    I loved the other two but honestly Tom is so far superior he deserves his own planet.
  13. When it comes to Belle? Paige O'Hara > Anneliese van der Pol > Christy Carlson Romano > Emma Watson
    Sorry Em; still adore you but you were irredeemably flat as my favorite female of all time.
  14. One of my life's biggest regrets is that I don't know how to dance.
    Maybe in my next life.
  15. A Walk to Remember is easily the best Nicholas Sparks movie.
  16. I despised 90% of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.
    You know what part I loved? The part with the FANTASTIC BEASTS. 🙄
  17. If I live my whole life without consuming something unicorn- or mermaid-themed, I'll consider my life as a reluctant millennial a success.