FYI: This works best if the "he" in this story looks and sounds exactly like Chris Hemsworth. Esp height-wise. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  1. I go over to his house, where he lives alone as I'm nowhere near ready to have a meet-the-parents situation. It helps that I'm often attracted to men who are a bit older than me.
    Read: anonymously admire older men from afar.
  2. We sit on the couch and turn on a movie without glaringly bright lighting, because mood lighting, and without any piercingly loud noises, because mood killer.
  3. Whatever people do to start making out happens, and he guides me backwards so I'm lying beneath him.
    Remember, never kissed a man in my life. Everything is idyllic in my head, and I like it that way.
  4. At some point he takes my hand and lightly traces his fingertips over my palm.
    I don't know when I realized that this is such a turn on for me (especially since no one has ever done it to me except myself), but IT IS. 🔥
  5. The room goes black and I realize the movie is over. I think I should probably break it off before he thinks this is going any further.
  6. I gracefully slide from beneath him and head for the door, planning to be all teasing and "leave him wanting more." He follows me.
  7. While I'm reaching for my purse, he grabs my shoulder, presses me against the wall and tells me he hasn't finished with me yet.
  8. Sexless chilling ensues.