Better late than never? Inspired by @rcwornhoff and @brightlyanna. Obviously these wouldn't look as iconic on me, but I can dream!
  1. Drew Barrymore's masque dress. (!!!!!)
    I literally have an entire Pintrest board devoted to THIS DRESS. It's honestly flawless and anyone—including me!—could totally pull it off.
  2. Kate Winslet's green dress.
    Aka what she was wearing when Leo first noticed her.
  3. Kate Winslet's sinking dress.
    I loved the way this skirt just flowed through that boiler room.
  4. Kate Winslet's red beaded dress.
    Wardrobe for first interaction with Leo. ♥️
  5. Kate Winslet's reddish overlay dinner dress.
    "I saw that in a nickelodeon once and I've always wanted to do it." Gorgeous.
  6. Kate Winslet's deep purple dress.
    The dress she wore for one of the MOST ICONIC MOMENTS IN CINEMATIC HISTORY.
  7. Everything Anne Hathaway wore in Becoming Jane, esp this green ball gown.
    This dress had me at hello.
  8. Alicia Vikander's ball gown from Anna Karenina.
    That poofy silken skirt.
  9. Charlize Theron's party dress in Mighty Joe Young.
    Honestly this was the moment I realized that short hair isn't just for men. Also her dress, with that surprise black back—ugh. 🔥
  10. Emma Watson's red dress.
    Fun and flirty and elegant.
  11. Jane Fonda's red dress in Cat Ballou.
    Those HIPS. 🔥🔥
  12. Liv Tyler's entire LOTR collection.
    It's otherworldly and maybe wouldn't look *too* awful on me. The dream.
  13. Emmy Rossum's Past the Point of No Return dress.
    Filmy and fiery and just SEXY.
  14. Natalie Portman's entire "casual" wardrobe in Star Wars.
    Everything she wears when she's at ease is floaty and ethereal and perfect.
  15. Anne Hathaway's garden party dress.
    Such a fun and youthful deviation from a lot of her more rigid public queenly attire.
  16. Michelle Williams' yellow dress in Shutter Island.
    Not actually 'fancy' but I love it because it's just so simple yet pretty.
  17. Alicia Vikander's orange dress in The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
    Groovy yet sexy.
  18. Zooey Deschanel's wedding attendee dress in (500) Days of Summer.
  19. Romola Garai's pink dress in Emma.
    Look at that collar!
  20. Everything Rosamund Pike wears in Pride & Prejudice.
    I share a lot of Elizabeth's less admirable traits, but Jane is the one I want to be: she's an angel from start to finish. And her wardrobe showcases that.
  21. Tiana's green human again dress.
    Actually my favorite Disney Princess dress ever.
  22. Zoe Kazan's red dress in What If?
    Her entire wardrobe in this movie was quirky chic. Love.
  23. Felicity Jones' formalwear in The Theory of Everything.
    Those gloves.
  24. Emilia Clarke's red dress in Me Before You.
    This book slayed me. Honestly. And this dress was really important. ❤️💔❤️
  25. Whatever dress they're putting Emma Watson in for next year's live action Beauty and the Beast.
    We don't actually know yet exactly what it looks like, but I KNOW I will be smitten like I've never been before. 😍😍😍