Inspired by @dubstep.
  1. You are the most inspirational human that I know.
  2. You are fiercely beautiful, inside and out.
  3. You have gone through so much with headaches and hospitals and high school boyfriends/best friends and collegelife drama...and you've persevered through it all and never lost who you are at your core.
  4. You are extremely intelligent, and push yourself instead of squandering your brain's potential.
  5. You are the only member of our family foursome that possesses your unique quality of constant joy—and I know it's because you CHOOSE to be that way. I know it's hard sometimes.
  6. You are wise beyond your years, so much so that sometimes it's honestly annoying.
  7. You have the spirit of an explorer...
  8. And you have the courage to go after the adventure.
  9. You have such a giving nature, and I know people are constantly taking advantage of that in a way that would infuriate me, but which you accept, and choose to combat with love.
  10. You introduced me to The Lumineers way before they were popular, and my envy of you seeing them—HARDCORE MEETING THEM—when I had to go back to school is still kicking. But I'm also still so happy for you. 🙃
  11. You keep a level head about boys. Which you know I one day aspire to do.
    I really think Garrett is a good one.
  12. You were amazing enough to let me hang out with your friends when I was in high school, since all the church girls my own age were beyond intimidating to me. And it's ended up being a core group of ladies who still matter to each other a lot!
  13. You persuade me to get out of my head and be a little adventurous. I miss that while you're away.
  14. We look completely different, but everyone says we have the same eyes. I love that I could share anything with you.
  15. You let me vent to you, and give me genuine constructive feedback that no one else on earth could give.
  16. You have my favorite head of hair on earth. I know it bothers you a lot, but I have been obsessed with your hair since before your memory even really kicked in.
  17. You have such large quantities of compassion that sometimes I worry it's too much! But it isn't: it's a beautiful part of what makes you you...
  18. And will make you an incredible nurse one day. The way you light up when you tell me about your nursing classes makes me want to find a career that excites me in the same way.
  19. Your relationship with God is the center of your life, and I have looked up to that since the day I walked into your room and 11th grade you was sitting at your desk reading I Samuel and taking notes. It was one of the most inspirational things I've ever seen.
  20. You touch me more than you will ever know, and it is such a blessing to be able to call you my sister. You matter more to me than Leonardo DiCaprio. I love you oodles of noodles.
  21. PS—It's an even day, so you get the front seat.