Best to worst to WORST EVER.
  1. (Numero Uno isn't technically a 'Friend,' but he's the best so screw your conventional list standards.) Mike Hannigan.
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    He accepts Phoebe with all of her quirks and selfish nature and outbursts and all her other flaws, and it is beautiful. Plus, you know, Paul Rudd.
  2. Phoebe Buffay.
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    She is strong, independent, self-sufficient, and doesn't give a crap about what anyone else thinks about what she feels is right. Also, I adore that when she decides she wants to "load up the kids and be a soccer mom," she doesn't hide it. She freely admits she's changed from her formerly anti-conventional views, and is unapologetic for it.
  3. Chandler Bing.
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    He's hilarious, he has no self confidence, he's pitiful, and did I mention he's so flipping funny? SO lovable.
  4. Joey Tribbiani.
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    Underneath all that stupid is a really good heart that doesn't want to hurt the people he loves. All he expects is the same treatment.
  5. Monica Gellar.
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    She's a little eccentric, but--like Phoebe--she knows that about herself and doesn't try to hide it. Plus, even though she is SMOKIN', she isn't cruel to people who aren't because she knows the struggle.
  6. Ross Gellar.
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    He's insanely annoying at times, but we're supposed to forgive him because he's had a rough time for the entire time period surrounding and during the show. His big problem is he knows what he SHOULD do, and he knows what he WANTS to do, and when they aren't the same he tries to convince everyone else that they are. Also his know-it-all status makes Hermione look tame.
  7. Rachel Green.
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    Easily my least favorite person on the show. She whines her way through episode after episode, and she gets away with it because she's insanely attractive. She is controlling, manipulative, demanding, and my GOSH the girl never stops whining about anything.
  8. And the WORST EVER character on 'Friends' is........the monster that came to life every time Ross and Rachel tried to have a relationship.
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    Okay, yes, it always started out with a really sweet happening, and of course there were nice moments sprinkled throughout their being together. But between the nice moments, they weren't just "not in the throes of passion." They were WARRING against each other, like, all the time. When they were together, those character flaws were multiplied exponentially, and they became the worst versions of themselves. Think about it. 👩🏼+👦🏻=👹
  9. Side note: you know Gunther? He's my second cousin.
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    He and my dad grew up together before he moved to LA to break into the Biz. He got the role on Friends because he was the only person at the auditions who knew how to work the espresso machine.