This is a minor achievement that I'm very happy about, and I'm soaking it in before I misstep and it all goes to pot. I'm *so* sorry, this is the lamest list ever but I can't fall asleep and this is all I can come up with in my fragile state.
  2. -Assignment One—Reference Observation: 24/25; 96%
    This paper destroyed me. I lost sleep, stress ate, snapped at e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e. I know and wept a river. Was it worth it? Honestly yeah, sorry friends.
  3. -Quiz One: 20/20; 100%
    This flipping quiz took me two hours and forty-seven minutes, plus cost me a night's sleep and a pretty intense upper back/lower neck, but i won't even pretend this wasn't worth it.
  4. -Assignment Two—Question Set: 24.5; 98%
    This one took me for. flipping. ever. to complete, I felt deeply un confident in it, and listening to other students discussing it during the class after I submitted it made me doubt my capability to handle this entire career path. Not to mention that I had interviewed for an assistant library job at one of our local libraries and been rejected. I think my professor must just be overly kind, which is nice now, but also worrisome because what if my future ones aren't? 😬
  5. -Quiz Two: 19.5/97.5%
  6. -Roll Call at Attendance: 100%
    Never missed a class, no surprise there as there were only ten total.
  7. -Final: 98.95%
    I could've gotten a 99 if I'd been more thorough on my quiz 2 responses. 😐