This is a pretty short list, because I mostly don't feel guilty about stuff I enjoy.
  1. Repeatedly burying my finger in Biscoff cookie butter and/or Nutella and licking it off.
    Sex on a finger.
  2. Crushing on an elementary school boy in the child care program where I work.
    I swear I'm not a pedophile.
  3. Demi Lovato.
    Girl can SING. Plus I've carried this over from Camp Rock days, so my high school self will never stop wanting to be her.
  4. Not hating on Kristen Stewart.
    Decided I liked her years ago in Zathura, and I'll continue to like her till I die.
  5. Refusing to gush over Taylor Swift.
    I have a long, complicated history with TSwift, that began when my mom met her shortly before that 'Tim McGraw' song blew up. I'm not denying she has talent, but nowadays she is SO blatantly manufactured. It's a turn off for me.
  6. Posting on Whisper (truthfully) that I've never been kissed just so guys will ask me out.
    This gives me a teeny twinge of 'I am wanted by someone' before I pull the fade away. I realize this is awful, and I've made a resolution to stop.
  7. Letting my dog poop in the rich neighborhood where we walk and not picking it up.
    There is a special club of horrible people who do this, a club in which I can apparently count myself a member.