Inspired by the whole of List App.
  1. Being called Katherine instead of my childhood standard Katie.
  2. Disney movies.
  3. The Leonardo DiCaprio Lip Thing™
  4. Anglophilia.
    i.e. Someone who is overly fond of England and of things hearkening back to it.
  5. Coke Zero.
  6. Warm chocolate chip cookie/cookie dough with vanilla ice cream on top.
  7. Ibuprofen.
  8. Painting my second toes a different color than the rest.
  9. Chugging 25 oz of water every single morning with my meds.
  10. Rewatching New Girl. Finishing the last episode. Immediately starting over at the pilot.
  11. Checking out too many books from the library to finish them all before the due date.
  12. Songs that make me feel overwhelmed by beauty yet achingly empty.
    NP: Speaking of Truth - Lelah.
  13. #13.
  14. Overthinking myself out of taking risks.
    Esp. involving emotions.
    See 14.
  16. Universal commitment phobia.
    For example: I've been shopping for new glasses for like three months now. Can't find frames I'm willing to attach myself to.
  17. Never crying when the dog dies.
    This isn't even a surprise to people who know me anymore.
  18. Protesting bush beards.
    Shave it for the love of handsome!
  19. My Fiat 500L, Jarvis.
  20. Violins.
  21. Hershey Kisses.
    Hugs too!
  22. Organza and Swarovski.
    GORGEOUS dreams are made of these. Who am I to disagree?
  23. Dandelions and dandelion wishes.
  24. Pen never pencil.
  25. Writing out my prayers so my mind will hush and focus.
  26. Left hand covered in reminders.
  27. English breakfast tea with milk and sugar.
  28. Wallflowering on @list. Also everywhere else.
  29. Plough posing, esp. with Amelia.
  30. Being a giant walking contradiction.
    As diagnosed by my mother.
  31. Harboring insane jealousy of people with traits I admire, while remaining incapable of unlocking such enviable traits within myself.
  32. Handwritten letters sealed with wax.
  33. Being a thistle that longs to be a rose.
    Actually the perfect description of me.
  34. Being precious goods.
    There's a story behind this.
  35. Being far too insecure to create a list asking for ListApp's opinion of me.