Alternate title: what I did today. 2/6/16
  1. Wake up.
  2. Remember my big task for the day.
  3. Groan.
  4. Skip breakfast.
  5. Finally make my way downstairs around 10am.
  6. Unshell and eat a handful of roasted peanuts.
  7. Make my way back upstairs and plop into my LoveSac.
  8. Fix my screwy library card.
  9. Request some books. (!)
  10. Watch four Taylor Swift music videos (wtdh?).
  11. Wallow in self pity because despite her being sickeningly manufactured her songs describe a life I'll never be brave enough to live.
  12. Force myself to climb out of my LoveSac.
  13. Swipe some apple cider vinegar on my face.
  14. Drop into my rental car.
  15. Drive to the wedding shower for a girl I've known her entire life, ever since she was born on my first birthday.
  16. Smile with genuine warmth and happiness as I talk with her and her fiancée.
  17. Eat cake and punch.
  18. Swap troubled stories with two of my friends about the lack of men in our lives,
  19. And about how the only ones that have recently been in our lives were the worst.
  20. Remember that, for us anyway, men are a poison.
  21. Once again discuss how we'll be single forever.
  22. Secretly know they will both be married eventually.
  23. Secretly know I will not be.
  24. Drive back home.
  25. Work out on the elliptical machine while I watch two episodes of Jessica Jones.
  26. Eat some chicken and rice soup.
  27. Shower.
  28. Talk with Anna, and end up taking a few new body dysmorphia tests.
  29. Test positive on all of them.
  30. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  31. Sit on the couch and watch Henry IV: Part I.
  32. Write a list about my day.