1. La La Land didn't produce even one song that meant half as much to me or caught in my head the way Fifty Shades Darker's "I Don't Wanna Live Forever" did.
  2. Moana > Frozen
  3. Watching the Northern Lights in Scotland > Watching the Northern Lights in Iceland
  4. The fact that I will almost certainly still be living with my parents in two years may be the death of me.
  5. I'm infinitely more besotted with Matthew Crawley than David Haller, but David is far far more attractive.
  6. This "community" isn't real, just a collection of 1s and 0s. You do what's best for you.
    If someone on Li.st is regularly posting things that cause you irritation or sadness or feelings of unworth, I promise that if they have more than 11 followers they won't notice if you unfollow/block them so you can avoid such posts—EVEN AND ESPECIALLY if they're in "that clique™." (And if they don't have more than 11 followers? You probably aren't the only person they're rubbing the wrong way.)
  7. No matter how extraordinary the new Beauty and the Beast may be—and let me tell you, my expectations are SKY FLIPPING HIGH—but no matter how great it turns out, it will never, and I mean N.E.V.E.R., replace the movie that has DEFINED. MY. EXISTENCE.
    I know ∞ people who see my BatB watch and exclaim "That's like my favorite Disney movie ever!" Step back, madame. Beauty and the Beast is NOT my favorite Disney movie ever—it's my favorite MOVIE ever. As in of all the movies ever to exist, that's the one, the only one. My physical, mental, & emotional life is no-kidding littered w/ tributes to it. I'm working to become a librarian—what inspired such a life choice? I mean my love of books obv, but—I mean—ARRGHH! It's like—this👉and this👈and ♥️💥