List requests make my world go 'round. 🌎
  1. So, I had a list request a few days ago about my handle, which I fulfilled in this list:
  2. Within 72 hours I'd changed it.
  3. I'd grown paranoid an IRL person would find my Lister profile and my whole earth would come crashing down, plus I was seeing all these people change to trendy one-word handles and I wanted to partake in the great List App handle shift.
  4. This meant that I was now trying to find a word that summed up the very essence of my being, something I wouldn't tire of as I so often do. It would have to really grab me.
  5. I stumbled upon a word I'd not heard before:
    EPHEMERAL: lasting for a very short time.
  6. I liked the thought of that: after all we ALL wont last very long, and I also thought it fit my temperament rather well.
    I'm aware that I am a fairly capricious person.
  7. I changed my handle to ephemeral.
  8. But the more I thought about it, the more I decided that wasn't a word I wanted to use to describe the essence of my being.
    Even if it's a word that is an accurate description, it isn't the only word that can be used that way. I have to believe that there's more to me than being short-lived.
  9. My handle that meant "not lasting very long" didn't last very long.
    True story.
  10. I tried to think about what my capital-p ***PASSION*** is...and came up with a lot of likes but no single thing.
  11. But I didn't want to make my handle 'daydreamer.'
    Although I do adore that Adele song because she's basically singing to me.
  12. What do I spend most of my time doing?
    That's easy: daydreaming.
  13. Another word I always use to describe myself is 'wistful.'
    To me, it just shrieks my name. But still didn't feel like a handle to me.
  14. I went to of my top 3 most-frequented sites--and entered daydreamer and wistful.
  15. After searching through many pages of 'romantic' and 'star-gazer,' etc., my eye was caught by a word I'd long known but hadn't thought of: QUIXOTIC.
    Quixotic: exceedingly idealistic; unrealistic and impractical.
  16. My daydreaming brain is endlessly filled with visions of the way I want my job to be, the way I want my relationship to be, the way I want where I live to be, the way I want the WORLD to be. And reality never lives up, which leaves me feeling disappointed and cynical about even trying to make the life I want happen.
  17. This was it. This is the word at the root of all of my discontentment about life.
  18. Thus, I changed my handle, and every time I think of it I am prodded with a winking reminder.
  19. Sorry for the anticlimax.