Inspired by @gremlin for teaching me you can never be too late to list; also @bjnovak, @alanarogerrrrs, @jessicaz, @reallybadtiming, @Charlie_Chester, honestly just et al.
  1. The lights on.
  2. People who disapprove of making the obvious joke.
  3. Automatic updates.
    My pictures are still squares, but at least I can still see how many lists I've published. RIP Relist.
  4. The bride about the bridesmaid dress/makeup.
    All bridesmaids should learn this, imho. It is not our day, suck it up and wear the zombie eyeshadow and dress that washes you out.
  5. People who tell me spoilers.
    I legit didn't speak to a lowkey friend for months after she spilled the beans about Jon Snow. 😡
  6. Anyone who suggests mental illness can be overcome by "thinking positive thoughts."
  7. Days with a temperature hotter than half my body weight.
    Summer get out.
  8. Swimsuits in public places.
    I'm composed of blindingly pale gish.
  9. People who put my face underwater as a "game."
    NO. My breathing orifices being submerged is NOT A GAME.
  10. Coffee.
    Tea or hot chocolate all the way.
  11. S'mores in the oven.
    Fire toasted or nothing. 🔥
  12. Hank.
  13. Riding the title wave when it hits.