1. To everyone involved in La La Land
    Damien Ryan Emma JORDAN those people who put in unimaginable hours to choreography/vocal rehearsals and will never receive proper (any) recognition.
  2. Because it wasn't until the Big Snafu,
  3. After I felt the effects of Moonlight winning Best Picture sink in,
  4. That I realized WHY I've been so down on La La Land all this time:
  5. It's because I was so afraid it was going to win Best Picture.
  6. Like, SO AFRAID.
  7. Let me get this out properly:
  8. There is nothing even remotely pro-hate (aka pro-Trump) about La La Land.
    Not at ALL.
  9. But when its big "opponent" was a film that flies in the face of EVERYTHING TRUMP STANDS FOR,
    Every. Single. Effing. Thing.
  10. Not to mention the fact that Moonlight is an INCREDIBLY well-made and revolutionary film,
  11. I didn't even realize how intensely I feared that white-washed, uncontroversial La La Land—
    Again not bashing it please don't think I am—
  12. Would win, because we all know the Academy is famously like that.
  13. But ever since Moonlight was announced the winner—
    And in the most HEARTBREAKINGLY PERFECT WAY. Jordan Horowitz deserves some kind of plaque.🌟
  14. My heart and mind are filled with relief and gratitude and actual tears on my face because THANK GOD there is goodness in this bleeding nation
  15. And I know this is all over the place but I'm just moved in a way I can't even explain and I'm just so very grateful for the class and grace and decency and laughter and genuine joy that was displayed on that stage last night
  16. Restoring my faith in humanity, and making my heart glow in a way I'm so pleased by
  17. And I'm just so happy Emma won because she friggin WAS the heart of that movie
  18. And literally the Oscars went BETTER than I wanted
  19. If I'd gotten my way things would've been very different but the way they played out touched me, like I said, in a way I couldn't have anticipated it or ever explain.
  20. Making myself stop now because this makes no sense but just... thank you to the Academy for not letting me write your show.