1. The Droid camera is great.
  2. The Droid ringtones are great.
  3. I love that the Droid doesn't have that one look that every person in America has when it comes to their phone: the slim rectangle of the iPhone.
  4. However, as someone who dislikes clutter, Droid was too much for me.
  5. I thought I'd love the billions of customizable features and apps and settings.
  6. Turns out that for me it was too much of a hassle.
  7. I couldn't hear when I spoke to people over the phone or listened to their voicemail.
  8. The text predictor is terrible.
  9. When I needed to turn the WiFi off to use SnapChat at work (where it's blocked), it's not just a simple swipe-and-click like it is on the iPhone.
  10. The thing is:
  11. Steve Jobs was irrefutably a prick.
  12. He had a goal to create a product so good that would allow him to make it ridiculously expensive without the price tag causing people to be scared away.
  13. He succeeded.
  14. Today I took the Maxx 2 back and got an iPhone 5S.
  15. I know it isn't a 6, but at least it's an iPhone.
  16. Also, I've NEVER been someone who had to have the newest gadget.
  17. So in that respect, I'm still sticking it to Steve Jobs.
  18. Maybe one day, if another company gets their OS together I'll happily switch.
  19. But for now, I'm forcing myself to be settled in contentment to be back in iOS, which I reluctantly admit to feeling is my OS home.