*🍁📂= #LetItFall. (See: It's Time: Let The Drafts Fall Like The Leaves Of Autumn 🍂📂) {Author's Note: Picked this one because I was told again today "She looks like she could be yours."}
  1. I've just seen a face
  2. I can't forget the time or place
  3. Where we just met.
  4. She's just the girl for me
  5. And I want all the world to see
  6. We've met.
  7. Mmm mmm mmmm mmhmm mm.
  8. Had it been another day
  9. I might've looked the other way
  10. And I'd have never been aware
  11. But as it is I'll dream of her tonight.
  12. Li di di di didi di.
  13. Falling,
  14. Yes I am falling,
  15. And she keeps calling
  16. Me back again.
  17. Oh, falling,
  18. Yes I am falling,
  19. And she keeps calling
  20. Me back again.
  21. -{Koral}-