AKA I haven't listed in a week and have zero enthralling ideas. Draftsmas in May.
  1. Kyriolexy.
    I use the word "literally" *literally* all. the. time. My favorite college professor pointed this out to me when we were in China, and for a month I mattered enough to be the focus of an inside joke in our group. Which was one of the most amazing happenings in my life.
  2. Anglophile.
    America has plenty of good things, but it will honestly never capture my heart the way England does. I can't even put my finger on the exact element that holds me so tightly; I've been this way since I was a very little girl. I adore it more than words can say.
  3. Timid.
    I tend to let my fears rule me. It's not that I think making mistakes is wrong—I know it's important to do so—but I've read so many books in which a character makes that One Big Mistake that ruined everything. My fear of making my version of that mistake—whatever it would be—keeps me from chancing it.
  4. Highkey overthinker.
    I think things through *way* too much. Sometimes that's good, such as the time it took me 11 months to find a car I was willing to commit to. Other times it's bad, and keeps me from taking risks; I focus on all the things that could go wrong and psyche myself out.
  5. Escapist.
    Books, movies, shows, music, journaling... Reality bites.
  6. Reader.
    I adore reading books. Certain mornings I read cereal boxes. Occasionally I try to read people. But mostly books.
  7. Impatient.
    I don't like waiting. Theme park rides are fine, but waiting for something that's completely possible to do right away? Don't make me wait. Even though my life feels like it is never........going..........to..........end...... time is precious.
  8. Never Odd or Even.
    Jk just kidding, I'm *always* odd. Also I like palindromes.
  9. Ephemeral.
    Something I hate about myself is how fluid and ever-shifting my moods are. I will literally tell someone "no" and three minutes later switch it to a yes. I can go from being down in the dumps to king of the world and back again in basically no time at all. (My neurologist thinks it's a combo of unbalanced chemistry and my beautiful brain bugs.) In the running for my very worst trait.
  10. Static
  11. Envious.
    Part of my whole identity is my constant state of jealousy of what other people have/do/like/understand/excel at. Not in a way where it causes me to lash out and harm them, not even in a way where I usually tell them how jealous I am. But a sizable part of my mind is constantly comparing myself to other people and pointing out all the ways I'm lacking. Cue the violins.
  12. Lugubrious.
    For several reasons, many of which are included in this list and many more which are not, I can often be found in a varying state of sadness. Why should I plaster a false smile on my face just to meet society's screwed up expectations?
  13. Insecure.
    I mean, in literally every single facet of my existence. Oh, wait, okay, I am sure of one thing: I am positive that I'm a white female. Other than that, I have no clue about my place in the world.
  14. Searching.
    This is kind of "my word" right now because, as stated above, I honestly have no clue what I'm doing or where I'm going or how I'm getting there. In other words, this Lostgirl needs her map. Badly.
  15. Eccentric.
    In other words, I am the odd one of the worlds I live in. Sometimes I can't get words out in the way I mean them to be, or I can't control my emotions, or I can't cope with a small crisis. I'm kind of nightmare wearing a person suit.
  16. Static
  17. Homely.
    Don't let the carefully selected pictures I post here fool you. I am not an attractive human. My own mother makes it clear—not in a hateful way or anything—that I need makeup and that I am not as beautiful (or even as pretty) as other girls. I have *n.e.v.e.r* been pursued romantically—only for pics of my body. (Apparently when you're not interested in any kind of relationship that involves taking a girl where people can see you with her, flaws don't matter; unattractiveness can be ignored.🤔)
  18. Alone.
    All of my college friends are hundreds of miles away. All of my hometown friends are hundreds of miles away. All of the people I hang out with are mom-aged. By the by, no matter how old you are in the current moment, if you're good friends with my mom, you're mom-aged. No matter how much I love you, there will always be a barrier between us, because I can't share everything with you in case it gets back to my mom.
  19. Romantic.
    "Dictionary.com: romantic (noun) 3. not sensible about practical matters; idealistic and unrealistic." Me to a T.
  20. Reclusive.
    I have a fairly severe inferiority complex, which makes me reluctant to engage with people. And it's impossible to let people in whom I know in real life, even ones I've known since we were babies. The last time I tried, I could see judgment in their eyes. And it broke my heart.
  21. Introvert.
    I need ample alone time, but I also feel better after spending time around people—but not too much. I can't explain it. I need the sweet spot of human interaction.
  22. Strung high.
    I hate this about myself, but I have no chill. I am terrible at making an effort to connect with people, yet I also desperately want them to like me and get really hurt when they don't?